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Our mission at The Flutter FETTI Fun Factory is to bring excitement and add life to special events and parties. The beautiful visual effects of our amazing confetti and streamer products kick energy levels up high and spread smiles everywhere.

We're based in the capital of fun, New Orleans, Louisiana - the home of Mardi Gras and so many other fabulous festivals and parties. Our offices are located in a historic, renovated building in the center of the storied French Quarter. At Flutter FETTI, we know how to create a festive, easy-going atmosphere that gets people in the mood to celebrate. That joyous spirit of New Orleans is infused in all of the Flutter FETTI confetti and streamers products we sell.

Flutter FETTI Confetti History

The father of Flutter FETTI was Jim Watkins, a huge man with a big, booming voice and an even bigger heart. He was also quite clever and loved to tinker, solve puzzles, and use his hands. These skills were being used in a career in construction when, in 1993, he learned that Universal Studios had put out a bid for a confetti vendor to make a volcano special effect.

The challenge excited Jim, so he experimented with cutting tissue paper at his dining room table. He arrived at his first design for Flutter FETTI and Sghetti FETTI confetti. Their various rectangular shapes made the confetti stay in the air a long time as it fluttered and floated down to the ground. Jim won the bid, but that was the beginning, not the end. With his new interest in all the possibilities for confetti, Jim kept at it. He experimented making different types of confetti and streamers. A business was born.

Jim kept refining Flutter FETTI confetti to make it stay in the air even longer. He learned to create special effects by partially wrapping the products and toyed with other visual impressions. He invented Streamers with "Bubbles", Corkscrew confetti and products that combine streamers and confetti at once. When one client asked for a product that would work in a venue with low ceilings, Jim experimented with different launchers. The warehouse ceiling became gouged with holes from all this trial and error. The number patents applied for and received for these inventive products steadily marched upwards.

So enthralled was Jim in thinking up new ways to deliver confetti and streamers that he hardly slept. He loved to bring smiles to people's faces. His goal was to Flutter FETTI confetti the world.

A New Era for Confetti

Jim was a wonderful inventor and a kind-hearted man. For years he encouraged, Ronee Holmes, his colleague and Flutter FETTI distributor to buy the business so he could focus on inventing. She finally did so in 2002 and set up a new warehouse and distributorship in New Orleans. His two dedicated Confettiologist Confetti Experts whom he trained, Vince Munoz and Dario Ferreira, stayed with Ronee.

A few years later, the flooding of Hurricane Katrina wiped out the New Orleans warehouse and Flutter FETTI® entire confetti inventory. All the Flutter FETTI employees fled to Florida. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the fate of our city, we remained dedicated to our clients and our business. A big order for Paul McCartney's world tour was due in a week, and we knew we had to get it out. We contacted our tissue supplier, found a guillotine-cutting machine, rented a warehouse in St.Petersburg, Florida and in the end, we hardly missed a beat.

Flutter FETTI carries on, but unfortunately Jim Watkins has since passed, but the employees of Flutter FETTI keep up his calling to spread Flutter FETTI joy all over the world.

Flutter FETTI Is:

  • Budget-friendly, offering you the guaranteed lowest prices and volume discounts for all your party confetti needs!
  • Flexible: each online order is custom assembled for you.
  • Offering special color combinations with your minimum order.
  • Many of our party confetti products for sale can be enjoyed with accessories.

Our Party Confetti, Streamers, & Confetti Launchers Will Add The WOW Effect To Any Occasion!



If you are interested in becoming a domestic or international distributor of Flutter FETTI® Fun Factory products, distributorships are available. Call 1 (877) 321-1999 or contact us now, or view our current distributors.

Flutter FETTI® Fun Factory is the official owner, manufacturer, and worldwide distributor of US Patented Flutter Fetti confetti products. Flutter FETTI® - the only party confetti that Flutters, Flies, and Floats!



RONEE HOLMES Ronee Holmes, manager of the Flutter FETTI® Fun Factory, sees theater in everything she touches. That's why when she is asked to supply party confetti, events become the most memorable talk of the town.

Ronee has energized an arts council in Yazoo City, Mississippi, the New Orleans Symphony by starting the "Beethoven In Blue Jeans" series to sold out audiences, and theaters across Florida where she ran the Florida Theatrical Association, a not-for-profit organization bringing national touring Broadway shows to the state.

Her creativity in developing new concepts for existing ventures, in exploring new territories, and in owning her own business has brought Ronee to the greatest part of her life, the starring role in her own party confetti company the Flutter FETTI® Fun Factory. Here she does what she has always done: "I make who I'm working with or who I'm working for stand out and be memorable."



VINCE MUNOZ A child at heart, Vince is a confettiologist with over ten years of expertise in the party confetti industry. He is full of energy and keeps the confetti manufacturing area and warehouse continually hopping. He credits the "Father of FETTI®" and Master Confettiologist Jim Watkins with being the perfect teacher. He learned from Jim that life is a celebration. To "Flutter FETTI® the "world" were their goals.

Vince truly enjoys the smiles on everyone's face when cannons and streamers release Flutter FETTI® into the air. Making every occasion the best it can be and elevating the happiness of everyone near the party confetti products are the reward that Vince receives every day.



DARIO FERREIRA From Paraguay, Dario began manufacturing Flutter FETTI® confetti products and streamers in 1995. He is also a student of Master Confettiologist Jim Watkins. As production supervisor, Dario handles quality control in a fast, meticulous, caring way. His goal is to make sure every party confetti effect his customers use works perfectly. Dario is also responsible for training production technicians all over the world, including China, with his proven manufacturing technical process. We estimate that Dario has personally produced over 3,328,000,000 pieces of Flutter FETTI® (that's over three billion)!





MASTER CONFETTIOLOGIST JIM WATKINS This website is dedicated to Jim Watkins, the world's first true master confettiologist. Jim's passion, ingenuity, exciting style, and inventiveness are missed every day. He touched all of our lives in a fun and positive way. We happily continue his mission to "Flutter FETTI® the world."

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Note some confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they come become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.